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Mission Statement

  1. Head Towards the Top Universities in Taiwan
    Ministry of Education in Taiwan has awarded NCHU the funding for towards the “Top Universities in Taiwan Program” and the faculty members in our Institute have participated and contributed in the program tremendously in the area of “Molecular Medicine”.
  2. Assist in developing the Top Biotechnology Center in NCHU
    Our Institute coordinates with NCHU’s biotechnology center and has applied for the supporting partner in the stage III of “Cultivation and Training of Top Researchers in Biotechnology Program” sponsored by Ministry of Education. Accordingly, NCHU has been awarded the funding and established the “Biochip Core Laboratory”, “Biomedical Technology Core Laboratory”, and “Biotechnology Core Laboratory”.
  3. Pursue unity and create strategic alliance
    Our Institute eagerly initiates and pursues the cooperation with other medicine-related institutes. We have been working closely with “Taichung Veteran Hospital” to establish a research-oriented funding program. Moreover, the collaboration agreements have been signed with “Taichung Veteran Hospital”, “National Health Research Institute”, and “China Medical University” in 2006.
  4. Expertise Development
    Since the research focus in our Institute is cancer research, currently, we have set our education goals that will assist us in cultivate top researcher in the area of biomedical sciences.  



Currently, we are focusing on the development in the area of Cancer Research. Cancer, as one of the most important diseases of modern times, is attracting more and more attention all over the world. Thus, our institute can be a good foundation for a medical school if all the resources are gathered together. Our institute is also planning to incorporate the strong elements in animal and plant technologies to develop the best and unique biomedical technology in the near future.

Educational goals

(1)Cultivate independent researcher with critical thinking and creativity.

  1. Recruiting teachers with outstanding professional credentials to assist in training students with critical thinking and creativity
  2. Having thesis advisors to guide students throughout the graduate program.
  3. All members in the Institute are actively involved in students research progress report
  4. Inviting experts and professionals from outside of school for speeches.
  5. Encouraging students to attend international conferences

(2)Provide the knowledge and technologies important for biomedical research area

  1. Design the hard core courses to assist students to obtain fundamental knowledge.
  2. Establish hard core courses
  3. Provide all-English discussion courses
  4. Provide English academic writing courses
  5. Weekly group meeting and discussion

(3)Establish diversified value and international perspectives

  1. Invite national and international experts for speeches
  2. Encourage students to read The Times and other influential magazines.
  3. Have regular retreats for professors and students to mingle and interact

(4)Build a sense of teamwork and unity as well as communicating skills

  1. By participating actively in research projects one can hope to understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork and communication.
  2. Chores are assigned by the Institute to the students to maintain an orderly and attractive learning environment.

(5)Build the value of lifelong learning

  1. Through the process of thesis preparing, students will develop a thirst for knowledge and skills of solving problems when they face one, as well as becoming a lifelong learner.
  2. When evaluating the learning efficacy in our institute, we think it is important for students to gather information, identify problems, create a thesis project, organizing data, and draw a conclusion on their own.