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Equipment resource

The laboratory has complete equipment and basic small equipment in each laboratory. In addition, there are larger equipment that can support the following experimental operations:

Nucleic acid operation: microarray nucleic acid dot system, laser scanner, nucleic acid electrophoresis equipment, spectroscopic spectrometer, centrifuge, gel photo analysis system, polymerase chain reaction instrument, etc.

Protein operation: protein electrophoresis equipment, high-efficiency liquid chromatography, ultra-low temperature freezer, enzyme immunoassay, cold light analyzer, ultrasonic crusher, etc.

Cell operation: cell incubator, sterile operating table, sterilization kettle, phase contrast microscope, fluorescent microscope, flow cytometer, etc.

Animal operation: nude mouse breeding isolation box, general small animal breeding cage, blood collection fixture, etc.

On the whole, the equipment in our institute can still meet the needs of teachers and students for research.
In addition, the firm also purchases important instruments related to biomedical research, as listed in the table:

The core laboratory of medical biotechnology (Teacher Que Binru), the core laboratory of biochip technology (Teacher Chen Jianwei), and the core laboratory of protein function analysis in vivo (Teacher Zhuang Xiumei). The core laboratory of medical biotechnology is responsible for the compulsory core experimental courses of the Institute of Biomedicine. The core laboratory of biochip technology and the core laboratory of in vivo protein function analysis are responsible for elective experimental courses. Each core laboratory has the necessary small equipment, quantity and The quality can meet the needs of students, and each teacher has established management methods and students who are responsible for management. Teacher Que Binru of our institute is responsible for managing the flow cytometer in the school's valuable instrument center and formulating the management methods for flow cytometry. The service target of the instrument is mainly the teachers and students of our school. Users need to prepare samples by themselves, go to the instrument room at the appointed time, and designated personnel will assist in operating the instrument. The management personnel are mainly in charge of the doctoral students, but the daily routine work is handled by the graduate students in Teacher Que's laboratory in shifts. The Biomedical Institute currently has three core laboratories: