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Book resources

In accordance with school policy, the school's book resources are concentrated in the main library of the library so that the use of book materials can achieve the highest efficiency.

Therefore, our institute does not have a library, but our library has ordered a large number of e-journals related to life sciences since 1995. Anyone who logs in to the IP can go online to the library to download the latest scientific papers.

The library allocates a certain amount of special funds for book purchases to all departments of the school every year to purchase professional books required by each department for teachers and students to borrow. Every year, we purchase a certain number of reference books according to the requirements of teachers.

In addition, teachers and students in Zhongrong can also go to the medical special library on the 7th and 8th floor of Taichung Rong General Emergency Building (covering an area of ​​about 750 square meters, Chinese clinical medicine books 13,121 books, Western clinical medicine books 15,910 books, Chinese clinical medicine There are 115 journals, 827 Western clinical medical journals, and approximately 5,500 electronic journals (approximately 4,000 medical journals).

Audio-visual materials including about 6,000 audio tapes, video tapes, slides, CD-ROM books, 9,510 kinds of medical e-books, 15 kinds of medical database for reading) Borrow professional books, and can also access the Zhongrong Library through the IP registered in the hospital or outside the hospital Download the latest published scientific papers and database.

In addition to the annual allocation of funds, the institute also actively strives for internal and external funding to enrich our teaching and research facilities. In terms of books, our institute allocates 100,000 yuan every year to purchase professional books needed by our teachers and students, and place them in the general library for unified management.