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History and current status

History and current status

Existing teachers nine (two professors, three associate professor, assistant professor of four).
Adjunct Teacher nine (four professors, three associate professor, assistant professor of two).
A part-time teacher (assistant professor one).
An existing contractual staff.
57 current students (19 PhD, master classes 38). Teacher-student ratio of 1 to 6
One hundred year master's program is expected to enroll 18 students, PhD students 8.


First, the Institute is uniquely associated with the school of Biomedical Biomedical, creating the beginning due to less manpower and resources, in order to focus resources on priority areas and to show the characteristics of this, the cancer research as the firm's development priorities, Among them, mainly lung cancer. If the future can be eligible for school appropriated additional posts, does not exclude the proposed second term development priorities, such as neuroscience; of course, will be considered with the country's current biomedical industry policy, recruit the right people, in order to expand the breadth of the firm's development, related fields such as biotech pharmaceutical faculty.

Second, because the school has no other medical college or department that is not conducive for medical research related resources; in addition, to enable the school to become a full comprehensive research university, we are currently moving towards the establishment of Biological Medicine (or medical) in goal in.